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Posted on September 15, 2017

Exposed elements are a great way to inject personality into a home. We’re so used to covering the ‘bones’ of a structure – whether it’s rendering over brickwork, hiding copper pipework or gyprocking over ceiling joists.


Exposed materials have such a distinctive profile & texture so why not leave some elements exposed to create a dynamic & individual space?


Here a few tips for how to style three different materials into different spaces:

– Brick

Create a wow by leaving bricks exposed as a focal point & dramatic backdrop to a dining table , lounge suite or bedhead. While giving a distinctive raw, textural and natural feel, they create a certain type of warmth, comfort and stability. They look fantastic teamed with crisp white and polished fittings & fixtures.


– Copper Pipework

Opt for an attention-grabbing feature by leaving copper pipework exposed in a bathroom or kitchen. Choose original industrial-style tapware to keep the look raw and layer this with sharp black or white tiling to create a huge impact feature.


-Timber Beams

Exposed beams look incredible in any space. Accentuate the high ceilings by leaving the beams clutter-free (so make sure there is no electrical wiring, etc visible). Clear coat the beams to show off the natural grain and raw structural appearance of the beams. Team these with crisp white ceilings to create a lofty open space.


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